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Understanding Real-Time Location Technology

sammy loitto ceo quuppa

Origin, Evolution and Future of Quuppa Technology : A chat with Sammy Loitto, CEO of Quuppa

The Convergence Of Technology And… Sports? Getting Fans From The Sofa To The Stadium

Supply chain

Expert Opinion: Why Can’t the Supply Chain Solve its Oversight Issues?

Hybrid RTLS - warehouse

The Hybrid RTLS Revolution is under way – And we’re all on the same side!

Healthcare usecase Quuppa

How Location-based Services Can Improve Healthcare Facilities Around The World


Leogistics & Quuppa Enable Automated Yard Management Through Smart Equipment Tracking

location everywhere - map

How IoT and RTLS Together Are Powering Businesses Everywhere

DIVIS partnership

DIVIS relies on tagless BLE location technology from Quuppa

industry 4.0 RTLS

The Role Of Real-Time Location Systems In The Fourth Industrial Revolution

quuppa_warehouse (1)

How RTLS and IoT can transform manufacturing operations – Quuppa

Quuppa takes pole position in the RTLS market: Welcomes new CEO from Bittium to reach €100M revenues

Welcome to the factory of the future: the role of real-time tracking in Industry 4.0

Quuppa Awarded Great Place to Work and Listed As One of the Best Workplaces in Finland

Quuppa and Actility Partner Up for Precise Indoor-Outdoor Location Services Using Abeeway Tracker

Quuppa and Ztrax Join Forces to Bring Advanced Real Time Location Technology to Brazil

Quuppa Launches New Partner Program to Boost Growth

Four ways Real Time Locating Systems can benefit healthcare facilities

Opinion: Incorporating location information into IoT deployments is critical for UK retail

Plastics Manufacturer Reconfigures Safe Workplace with BLE

How Real-Time Location Services Build a Bridge to Post-COVID-19 Supply Chains

How the transformative power of Location-based Systems can unlock the healthcare sector

Agreefy expands market reach and increases accessibility of Quuppa’s indoor location tracking solutions

Quuppa awarded China’s Most Influential Internet of Things Positioning Enterprise of 2020 Award at the IoT Star Awards

PenguinIN Partners With Quuppa

Fabio Belloni Joins Forbes Technology Council – A Community for World-Class CIOs, CTOs, and Technology Executives.

Omni-ID Adds 3 Quuppa-Enabled Devices & Launches Middleware Platform

Minsait and Quuppa to Develop Smart Location Solutions Together That Reduce Occupational Hazards

Quuppa Gartner

Quuppa Recognised as “Visionary” by Gartner.

Kasvuyritys Quuppa nappasi arvostetun Great Place to Work -tunnustuksen koronasta huolimatta

cave exploration

How Quuppa is ‘Crossing the Chasm’ with its Partners

QUUPPA location tracking in Healthcare

Location tracking in healthcare with the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System

ON Semiconductor Enhances IoT Asset Management with Angle of Arrival (AoA) Location Technology

IoT-powered RTLS: The Future is Now

Quuppa location

Unlocking Revenue Opportunities by Combining IoT Processes with Real-time Technology

Quuppa on 2021: Carriers to Combine 5G-powered IoT and RTLS for Industry 4.0

zumtobel quuppa partnership announcement

Zumtobel Collaborates with Quuppa on Indoor Location Services

Why The Return Of Spectator Sport Lies With Technology

Pushing RTLS into the Mainstream

Nymi Teams up with Quuppa to Enable Real-Time Location Tracking Application

How to use real-time location tracking without becoming ‘Big Brother’

Reliability in the Context of Bluetooth Positioning Systems

IDK Digital expects to reach new markets in Latin America with Quuppa

Quuppa Ecosystem value

Ecosystems Make Visions Come True

Why Commit to a Balalaika When You Could Have a Stratocaster?

RTLS Manages Social Distancing at the Pool

DextraData Relies on Real-Time Locating Systems from Quuppa for IoT


Bluetooth Direction Finding: Going Beyond Beacons

Unlocking the Transformative Power of Real-Time Locating Systems

One Small Step for Quuppa, One Giant Leap for Indoor Positioning

Get The Ultimate RTLS Buyers Guide for Indoor Positioning in Industry 4.0

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