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A smart move? How Helsinki advances the world of tech

13 March 2023

Case study: Tigros

13 March 2023

Panasonic Industry’s partnership with Quuppa enables Bluetooth®-driven, real-time location capabilities with Logiscend

8 March 2023

Predictions for 2023 in Manufacturing and Logistics

13 February 2023


6 February 2023

Datalogic and Quuppa partner to offer a solution for accurate tracking throughout the supply chain

10 January 2023

How the Logistics Industry Can Implement RTLS to Improve Sustainability

3 January 2023


11 November 2022

Real-Time Tracking For Increased Efficiency in Manufacturing

9 November 2022

3 Tips to Increase Manufacturing Efficiency with RTLS

21 October 2022

The power of IoT and Indoor Tracking in the LTC sector

18 October 2022

WIIO to partner with Quuppa

10 October 2022

The Quuppa system takes French Army’s urban combat training into a new era

5 October 2022

Why Location Services and IoT are Leading the 5G Trends of 2022

15 September 2022

Five Considerations When Selecting And Implementing RTLS

12 September 2022

Protocols to Streamline Manufacturing Operations

11 September 2022

Implementing Smart Technology While Respecting Employee’s Privacy

2 September 2022

Answered: Five Key Questions About Bluetooth Location Services

25 August 2022

Quuppa and Trackinno Announce Partnership

19 August 2022

AirQuay and Quuppa Announce a New Partnership to Enhance the Location Based Solutions and Services Across the Korean Market

19 July 2022

A New Approach to Health and Safety for Manufacturers

8 July 2022

How Location Services Can Guide The Future Of Manufacturing

17 June 2022
Bluetooth RTLS - forbes

Using Bluetooth To Safeguard RTLS Innovation

29 April 2022

Si­sä­ti­la­pai­kan­nuk­sen tek­no­lo­giaa

28 March 2022
efficient processes - manufacturing

Optimise the manufacturing process with real-time tracking systems

17 March 2022

Magic Touch: Quuppa named as a ‘visionary’ in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for third consecutive year

9 March 2022

Bornemann AG Partners with World Leading Location Technology Platform Provider Quuppa

7 March 2022
ericsson-quuppa-partnership (2)

Quuppa joins Ericsson Industry 4.0 partner program as a technology device provider

22 February 2022
arrow-partnership (1)

Arrow Electronics and Real-time Location Systems Specialist Quuppa Sign Agreement

14 February 2022
trends in 2022 - fabio - forbes

RTLS And Location-Based Services: Five Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2022

9 February 2022
Bluetooth location technology - BT

Why Bluetooth Technology is the Most Flexible Location Services Technology

8 February 2022

How Covid-19 has Boosted “Smart Healthcare”

19 January 2022

Orange Business Services fires up Safran Aircraft Engines with IoT

7 January 2022

Use Cases and Benefits of Location Services in the Smart Building

7 January 2022

How Location-Based Services Can Help Make Buildings — And Your Business — Smarter

14 December 2021
Airbus Quuppa

Quuppa selected by Airbus as IOT Asset Tracking Provider

13 December 2021

Understanding Real-Time Location Technology

29 November 2021

Origin, Evolution and Future of Quuppa Technology : A chat with Sammy Loitto, CEO of Quuppa

12 November 2021

The Convergence Of Technology And… Sports? Getting Fans From The Sofa To The Stadium

25 October 2021

Expert Opinion: Why Can’t the Supply Chain Solve its Oversight Issues?

28 September 2021

The Hybrid RTLS Revolution is under way – And we’re all on the same side!

19 August 2021

How Location-based Services Can Improve Healthcare Facilities Around The World

17 August 2021

Logistics & Quuppa Enable Automated Yard Management Through Smart Equipment Tracking

5 August 2021

How IoT and RTLS Together Are Powering Businesses Everywhere

22 July 2021
DIVIS partnership

DIVIS relies on tagless BLE location technology from Quuppa

22 July 2021

The Role Of Real-Time Location Systems In The Fourth Industrial Revolution

9 June 2021
quuppa_warehouse (1)

How RTLS and IoT can transform manufacturing operations – Quuppa

3 June 2021

Quuppa takes pole position in the RTLS market: Welcomes new CEO from Bittium to reach €100M revenues

18 May 2021

Welcome to the factory of the future: the role of real-time tracking in Industry 4.0

6 May 2021

Quuppa Awarded Great Place to Work and Listed As One of the Best Workplaces in Finland

3 May 2021

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