Quuppa Lite? A Cost-effective Solution for Inventory Management and Hybrid Environments

Building / Zone / Accurate positioning

Quuppa is known for providing the most accurate indoor location reliably and in real time. However, in many cases, knowing the approximate location of assets, or perhaps only whether they are present or not, may be enough.

For example, knowing how many empty pallets you have available in your warehouse could be enough. Still, once a pallet is in use and moving across the production line, it’s vital to know its precise location at any given time.

Quuppa Lite is ideal for cases where pinpoint accuracy isn’t essential across the entire facility. It offers location awareness without compromising timeliness and reliability, fully supporting backchannel features for sensors and devices. It’s a cost-effective way to get started, with the option to upgrade to Quuppa Pro as your needs change.

Understanding Quuppa Lite and
its Unique Features

Quuppa Lite is a versatile solution that offers an affordable and flexible option for inventory management and creating environments with mixed accuracy levels. While Quuppa Pro provides precise location tracking, Quuppa Lite focuses on providing approximate location information, making it suitable for scenarios where pinpoint accuracy is not necessary across the entire facility.
Quuppa Lite offers a more generalised view of asset location, providing information on which area an asset is located (presence detection or area presence). This flexibility ensures that businesses can focus their resources on areas that require precise tracking while still having a general understanding of asset location in other parts of the facility.

Lower Deployment and Operating Costs

Implementing Quuppa Lite comes with a range of benefits that can significantly improve inventory management processes while reducing operating costs. One of the primary advantages of Quuppa Lite is its affordability due to reduced deployment and operational costs. The simplified infrastructure requirements make it a cost-effective choice for businesses looking to optimise their tracking systems without incurring significant expenses.

Furthermore, Quuppa Lite offers cost savings in terms of subscription fees. Its affordable nature and simplified infrastructure requirements reduce subscription costs compared to more precise location tracking solutions. This affordability makes Quuppa Lite an attractive option for businesses looking to optimise their tracking systems while controlling costs.

Easy Deployment of Quuppa Lite

Quuppa Lite is designed to be easy to deploy, minimising the time and effort required to set up the system. The simplified installation process allows businesses to quickly integrate the Quuppa system into their existing infrastructure.

Start Light and Scale to High-Accuracy Tracking

While Quuppa Lite provides approximate location information, businesses always have the option to upgrade to Quuppa Pro for high-accuracy tracking using the same Quuppa system and hardware. The upgrade option eliminates the need for the complexity of managing multiple tracking systems and simplifies overall infrastructure requirements. As a result, businesses can reduce costs associated with maintaining and managing separate tracking solutions.

Comparison Quuppa Lite vs Pro

Real-Life Use Cases

Quuppa Lite has proven effective in various real-life use cases, enhancing efficiency and productivity in inventory management, especially in storage areas. In a busy warehouse with numerous storage sections, keeping track of inventory can be challenging. Quuppa Lite offers a solution by providing approximate location information on assets within different warehouse sections.

Similarly, in large logistic centres, tracking packages and goods in real time is crucial for optimising operations. Quuppa Lite can provide valuable insights by offering site-level accuracy, allowing businesses to monitor the movement of packages and goods throughout the supply chain. This enables better planning, improved routing, and faster response times, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency of the logistics centre.

Presence detection in charging areas is another use case where Quuppa Lite shines. Charging areas for assets such as electric vehicles or portable devices require efficient management to ensure a smooth charging process. Quuppa Lite can detect the presence of assets in charging areas, providing real-time updates on asset availability and enabling businesses to optimise charging resources. This ensures that charging areas are utilised effectively, reducing waiting times and maximising asset utilisation.

Gateway Functionality and Back-channel Commanding

Quuppa Lite offers gateway functionality, allowing seamless integration with sensors and other devices. As a data gateway, Quuppa Lite can collect data from different Bluetooth® sensors in the environment and expose them through an open API. This eliminates the need for multiple infrastructures and allows businesses to leverage Quuppa Lite as a gateway for all. For example, in manufacturing, businesses can pair data from weight sensors with location data to monitor (e.g. bolts, oil) inventory levels and trigger alerts when replenishment is needed.

Quuppa Lite also supports back-channel commanding for tags, enabling businesses to send commands to tags and receive responses. This capability opens possibilities for automation and real-time asset management. For instance, businesses can use back-channel commanding for pick-to-light use cases, improving accuracy and reducing errors in picking operations.

Summa summarum

Quuppa Lite not only offers a cost-effective solution but also turns the Quuppa system into a versatile solution that can address the different needs of businesses, optimising their inventory management processes and building mixed environments without compromising reliability and real-timeliness. With its unique features, such as lower operating costs, easy deployment, upgradability to Quuppa Pro, scalability, and gateway functionality, Quuppa Lite empowers businesses to make informed decisions based on location data.

Real-life use cases demonstrate the effectiveness of Quuppa Lite in enhancing efficiency and productivity in various industries, such as inventory management in storage areas, logistic centre tracking, and presence detection in charging areas. The power of Quuppa technology, combined with integration capabilities and cost savings, makes Quuppa Lite an attractive choice for businesses seeking cost-effective and reliable inventory management solutions.

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