Easy Deployment

While the path to implementing a Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) is no walk in the park, our arsenal of tools paves a well-lit trail. With a modest hike, the summit of successful implementation is well within reach.

Use the Quuppa Site Planner (QSP) for a precise assessment of physical dimensions and observe how Q-Port and Q-Link redefine infrastructure installation with a seamless, cost-effective approach. The Quuppa Controller and Mobile Deployment Tool guarantee easy deployment for everyone, regardless of expertise.

Optimise Your RTLS Deployment

When planning an RTLS deployment, the first step involves assessing the physical dimensions of the space. This includes evaluating the area size, the ceiling height and the area type, i.e. whether it is a confined, semi-confined or open space. To achieve optimum performance, it is important that you have the right number of Locators and the right subscription. Careful planning and Locator distribution can be facilitated with the Quuppa Site Planner (QSP) ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Q-Port for Aggregated Cabling

The Quuppa Q-Port is a passive, Power over Ethernet (PoE) powered device that acts as a cable concentration unit for the Quuppa Locators. It allows for creating a star topology arrangement for the Locator network, which in turn simplifies infrastructure installation and management, significantly reduces the length of cable runs, especially in larger areas, and lowers the cost of deployment.

Wireless Connectivity with Q-Link

The Quuppa Q-Link is a wireless bridge that allows the Quuppa Locators to connect to the network via the built-in Bluetooth connectivity option. This is particularly useful for extending the Quuppa system to areas where pulling Ethernet cables is not practical or possible, such as outdoors or other hard-to-reach locations. However, the Locators still need to be powered via USB. Therefore, Ethernet cables are the primary method for connecting the Locators as they provide both power and a more stable and consistent connection.

With the 9.0 Quuppa System Release capacity enhancements, the Q-Link wireless connectivity solution is now suitable for many use cases and environments. The maximum distance between the Q17 hub and the satellites in a confined environment is 15 metres, with the Q35 hub and the satellites in an outdoor/open environment even 100 metres.

Quuppa Controller

The Quuppa Controller is an out-of-the-box solution to secure a smooth and easy deployment. It’s an edge device preconfigured with the Quuppa Positioning Engine (QPE) software and designed to connect to the Quuppa Site Manager (QSM). This enables secure, real-time, full-duplex communication between the Controller and the Site Manager. In addition, the Quuppa Controller provides a local API for critical real-time applications such as collision prevention.

Mobile Deployment Tool for Simplified Installation

Featured in the Quuppa Site Manager, the Quuppa Mobile Deployment Tool enables people who have little or no experience with the system to carry out the deployment of Locators using only a smartphone. The Mobile Deployment Tool also offers the possibility for several people to deploy different Locators at the same time, which further increases the installation efficiency.

Mobile Deployment Tool for Simplified Installation

You don’t have to tackle everything alone. Let our expertise support your journey.