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Imagine a complex manufacturing process – like building an aeroplane. Getting the right parts, the right tools and the right people to the right place at the right time would certainly be a major challenge. To orchestrate all these moving parts, you first need to understand the real-time location of every single element.

The Finnish company Quuppa knows how important it is to have accurate and reliable asset location data. The company has developed a Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) solution that can track tags and Bluetooth® devices in real time with centimetre-level accuracy. Their solutions are used in manufacturing (including the aeronautics industry), retail, healthcare and many other sectors.

Image showing an airplane manufacturing facility
Accurate and reliable information about the asset location is crucial in a complex manufacturing environment such as the aviation industry.

Actionable real-time location information holds immense potential for various industries. Take, for instance, the scenario where your local grocery store can immediately determine the number and whereabouts of active shopping carts. With such data on hand, the store can efficiently decide when to open additional checkouts to optimize throughput and increase overall customer experience. Similarly, in healthcare, asset tracking emerges as a vital tool for securely monitoring the whereabouts of equipment, mobile devices and even patients. This technology proves invaluable when it comes to solving safety issues, especially with infants and dementia patients prone to wandering.

Understanding how Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ Works

Quuppa Locators receive signals from Bluetooth® tags, devices and sensors. Virtually any Bluetooth® device can be trackable. The Positioning Engine calculates the locations using advanced algorithms for accurate and reliable positioning in real time. For fast-moving objects, the system can update as frequently as 50 times per second. The use of standard JSON/RES – push/pull API enables seamless integration with end-user applications.

Schematic showing the different components of the Quuppa positioning solution - showing how the positioning engine is positioned between the locators and the end-user applications.
The OnLogic Helix 500 industrial computer is the preconfigured hardware platform for the Quuppa positioning engine.

Quuppa’s Positioning Engine Platform – the OnLogic Helix 500

Quuppa has selected the OnLogic Helix 500 fanless industrial computer as the recommended hardware platform for their positioning engine. With its compact form factor and powerful processing, the HX500 delivers flexibility and reliability. The system also fulfills one of the company’s requirements: it must be rack-mountable to simplify installation.

OnLogic is an excellent growth partner. As our deployments scale, so does the demand for more powerful computers. We appreciate OnLogic’s continued commitment to developing and producing superior industrial computers that seamlessly align with our expanding needs.”

An Tran, Quuppa Product Manager

Scalable and seamless Quuppa tracking for indoors and outdoors

As companies grow and discover the versatility and potential of real-time locating systems, Quuppa is diligently expanding its capabilities and delivering customized solutions to meet evolving needs. For instance, Quuppa’s RTLS system seamlessly scales into hybrid environments, providing an integrated solution for tracking assets across multiple facilities and terrains, whether indoors or outdoors. Moreover, the ability to track Bluetooth® mobile devices enables tagless tracking, promising substantial cost savings.

Quuppa is constantly looking for new and imaginative applications for RTLS. The technology is not only used in manufacturing, retail and healthcare, the technology’s applications span a vast array of industries. Increasingly, location data is acknowledged as a valuable asset in sectors such as arts and entertainment, facilitating the tracking of priceless artwork, monitoring crowd capacity, and even providing unique navigational tools and immersive experiences for event attendees. Businesses are harnessing this technology in groundbreaking ways, ushering in an era of innovation and improved operational efficiency.

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