Enterprise Management

Quuppa for Enterprise provides a comprehensive solution for efficient system management and next-generation services at scale. With a cloud-based architecture, the solution enables the Quuppa system to seamlessly scale to multiple sites.

Quuppa for Enterprise Benefits

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Secure Remote Management

The Quuppa Site Manager (QSM) is a centralised site management system that allows users to manage asset tracking across multiple sites and access all location data from a single dashboard.  With a bi-directional, persistent connection to all on-site edge devices, Quuppa Site Manager allows you to monitor the status of all your Quuppa Positioning Engines, actively manage configurations and perform updates to your Quuppa systems remotely.

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Reduced Troubleshooting Time

The Quuppa Controller is an edge device preconfigured with the Quuppa Positioning Engine software and designed to operate the Quuppa system. It provides a plug-and-play solution for securing system performance and enables quick and easy setup without having to search for the right server type. This streamlined approach saves both time and resources when implementing the Quuppa system.

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Reduced Commissioning Time

The Quuppa Mobile Deployment tool is an add-on that allows people with little to no previous experience or understanding of the system to carry out the deployment of Locators using only a smartphone.

Quuppa Site Manager QSM

Quuppa Site Manager

Streamlining Operations with Centralised Multi-Site Asset Management.

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V3 tag

Scalable Tag Provisioning and Management

In our latest releases, we have introduced advanced Tag management features that work seamlessly with the Quuppa QT3-1 Tag and Locators. These enhancements simplify the Tag provisioning process and provide scalability and efficiency for large-scale projects. Notably, features like auto-configuration allow for the streamlined provisioning of large volumes of Tags with project-specific configurations.

In addition, the Tag management system has been enhanced for increased reliability and security through the implementation of the new Quuppa v3 protocol. The QT3-1 stands out as the first Quuppa v3 reference Tag, with subsequent Quuppa v3 partner tags set to be introduced soon.

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