Quuppa Site Planner

The Quuppa Site Planner (QSP) is a comprehensive software used for planning, deploying and configuring the system. Its intuitive tools and wizards make it easy to estimate Locator coverage and determine Locator coordinates and orientation.

The Site Planner can be used for

  • Planning Quuppa Projects
    Create a coordinate-based system and plan Locator placement for an optimised tracking area.
  • Importing Map Backgrounds
    Use your own custom map backgrounds and scale them to size. Use tape measures to mark real measured distances on the map.
  • Creating Zones
    Create custom alerts and tag configurations based on the zonal position of tracked objects within the tracking area. Smart zones prevent tags from moving past physical objects (e.g. walls) but also for creating openings (e.g. doors).
  • Using Focusing Wizard
    Use the Focusing Locator to conveniently and accurately determine the position of the installed Locators.
  • Configuring Tags
    Modify the TX rate and TX power and accelerometer settings, select the radio channels, the core data sent to the Quuppa Positioning Engine (QPE) and how often the tags listen to the QPE for commands.
  • Managing APIs
    Configure the API outputs for the specific data needs of your industry.

Quuppa System Simulator

Embedded within the Quuppa Site Planner is the Quuppa System Simulator (QSS). The System Simulator is a virtual Quuppa system that enables the development and testing of applications, system components and interfaces, as well as the testing of hardware capacity to verify deployment plans prior to physical implementation.

The System Simulator can be used for

  • Simulating Test Environments
    The QSS works just like a regular project with Quuppa Site Planner (QSP) and Positioning Engine (QPE), but only adds paths for simulated tags. The QSS is used to design, develop and test your applications and components that interface with the Quuppa system.
  • Dimensioning the Hardware Capactity
    With the QSS, you can dimension your hardware capacity to ensure you have the right hardware available to support your project.
  • Verification of Deployment Plans
    Use the QSS to ensure that you have verified your deployment plan before you carry out the physical installation of your Locators.
  • Training and Learning the Quuppa System
    The QSS offers you the perfect platform to familiarise yourself with the Quuppa system and use the tools with confidence during live deployment.

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