Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™

The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ is a complete technology platform for location-based services and applications. It provides accurate real-time tracking for tags, devices, and sensors. The Quuppa System is a reliable, versatile, highly customisable, fully scalable, and cost-effective Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) solution for all industries.

At its core, the Quuppa system provides a comprehensive software suite, a toolkit for planning, simulating, testing, configuring, provisioning, and management. Furthermore the Positioning and Rules Engines offers a set of APIs for integration with other systems.

Accurate Do More With One System 451 x 451


Achieve real-time,
sub-meter accuracy
consistently with a long range,
even for fast-moving objects
the most challenging of environments.

Versatile Do More With One System 451 x 451


Leverage Bluetooth®
to access a
world of billions of
sensors and
mobile devices
such as
smartphones and
barcode scanners

Scalable Do More With One System 451 x 451


Manage multiple projects
across multiple sites to
build a truly scalable
location-based solution with
varied accuracy levels.

Open Do More With One System 451 x 451


Quuppa’s open API makes it
easy to integrate into
your existing systems
according to your needs &
innovate by building
future-proof applications.

Do More with One System

Do More with One System

Not every business requires the same granularity of location, and pinpoint accuracy may not always be the primary focus. Sometimes this is influenced by a wish to not commit to fixed infrastructure. Today’s landscape demands tracking solutions that seamlessly span multiple buildings and environments across a site – indoors, outdoors, and everything in between. In response to this shift, Quuppa has meticulously expanded its offerings to meet a diverse array of tracking needs, ensuring scalability for every conceivable scenario.


One System for Multiple Needs

Locate more with less.

  • Tailor environments to your specifications, from casual presence detection to zonal precision and accurate real-time
  • Adopt the tagless approach, effortlessly tracking mobile phones, scanners and other Bluetooth devices
  • Harness the power of multiple technologies (Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth®, and more) under one unified system
  • Seamlessly track indoors and outdoors, covering yards and local areas with ease
  • Bid farewell to siloed infrastructure – easily scale and adapt as your needs evolve
  • Ensure full interoperability for a seamless user experience
  • Manage multiple sites with the intuitive Quuppa Site Manager

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