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Location data is a valuable asset for museums, events, conferences and amusement parks, enhancing visitor navigation while providing powerful new capabilities for venue design and event planning.

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Quuppa RTLS Benefits for Museums, Events & Entertainment

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Optimised Venue Navigation & Design

  • Create heat maps of visitor flows to understand visitor behaviour
  • Understand visitor profiles and preferences
  • Keep track of children



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Enhanced User Experience

  • Increase engagement by creating interactive exhibits and personalised experiences
  • Immersive content
  • Guide visitors through the museum or event
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Process Flow Optimisation

  • Monitor crowd levels and adjust staff and exhibit layout
  • Real-time inventory control
  • Monitor temperature critical assets


Key Features

  • Real-time sub-meter accuracy for enhancing visitor experiences
  • Track unlimited number of tags and Bluetooth devices, e.g. track visitor smartphones for enhanced user experience
  • Open API for easy integration with Exhibition management, visitor guidance and security systems
  • Interference-free due to proprietary radio frequencies

Real Stories. Real Results.

Case Study: Sydney Living Museums

Sydney Living Museums unveils immersive, technology-based visiting experience.

Case Study: Mizkan Museum

Mizkan Museum introduces a seamless, self-guided tour experience.

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Our industry-leading solution partners leverage Quuppa technology to deliver a range of location based solutions to enhance your store performance.

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