Enhance your store performance and customer experience

RTLS opens up exciting new opportunities to fine-tune store performance and improve the retail customer experience. Streamline your business processes while enabling better service for your customers.

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Quuppa RTLS Benefits for Retailers

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Better Store Performance

Using location data, you can identify the most efficient store layout, manage inventories, streamline customer traffic based on shopping cart usage, improve queue management, ensure faster checkout processes or even prevent theft.

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Increased Basket Value

With RTLS, you can plan your store layout and product positioning based on behavioural analytics, and engage with your customers with real-time in-store promotions while they shop.

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Improve Customer Loyalty

If you provide a personalised, fun and frictionless shopping experience, your customers are likely to stay loyal and come back.

One of our Features – IoT Gateway

The Quuppa system can also act as an IoT gateway for other sensor data and can be used, for example, to monitor temperature-critical products throughout the shop.

If the temperature and humidity in the freezer are abnormal, staff will adjust this immediately to ensure the food quality and asset safety.

If a refrigerator door is left open, staff are informed and close the door in time to save energy and costs.

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Datalogic – With location data, shopping becomes a personalised, seamless experience that benefits both the shopper and the retailer

Pyramid’s Smart Welcome Management System for retail stores, improving store performance, reducing waiting times and enhancing the customer experience

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