One System for Multiple Needs

With the Quuppa offering, you can combine different forms of tracking and different parts of infrastructure into one coherent system that fits your budget. In general, the form of asset tracking you need at a particular facility depends on the operating environment and your overall objectives.

You have to determine what level of accuracy you need, what latency is acceptable and how flexible/adaptable your asset-tracking environment needs to be for future scaling.

There are four primary tracking approaches, all of which can be integrated into one system.


Accurate Tracking

Tag it → track it

Quuppa Offering Use Case Examples - 4

  • High-Accuracy, reliable and low latency asset tracking
  • Tracking material handling equipment
  • Monitoring the utilisation of assets
  • Monitoring shipments in cross-docking warehouses
  • Reliable tracking of handheld devices, e.g. barcode scanners, mobile phones
  • Optimising process flows
  • Locating personnel
  • Creating danger zones or avoid collisions
  • Flexible and real-time inventory management


Investment: full
Full deployment

Zonal Tracking

Proximity or fixed areas

  • Low latency inventory management and assets audit
  • Proximity/Zonal asset tracking and reports
  • Vehicle and equipment tracking,
    • ○ e.g. time in active use or charging
  • Area-specific staffing model for work compliance
  • Area-specific/Approximate tracking of mobile device
  • Call for assistance, maintenance


Investment: moderate
Reduced infrastructure

Tagless Tracking

Read to locate

Quuppa Offering Use Case Examples - 2


  • Reliable tracking of handheld devices, e.g. mobile scanners
    • ○ find assets and derive statistics based on movements
    • ○ reduce search time, losses and misplacements
  • Real-time inventory management, auditing for scanned assets
  • Transfer of liability (with camera integration)


Investment: moderate
Full Infrastructure, no tags

Infraless Tracking

Sniff to Locate

  • Opportunistic inventory management and assets auditing
  • Opportunistic search and find assets in different facilities
  • Ubiquitous indoor/outdoor tracking of mobile devices
    • ○ barcode scanners, mobile phones, tablets, etc.
  • Leasing equipment
    • ○ notify, e.g. when the maximum return time is exceeded


Investment: none to low
No fixed infrastructure

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