Locators form a core element within the Quuppa system. These hardware devices are strategically placed throughout the tracked environment to capture radio packets transmitted by Tags, devices and/or sensors. Subsequently, the captured data is transmitted to the Quuppa Positioning Engine (QPE) for processing.

Quuppa Q17 Locator


The Q17 is characterised by its slim, compact design and low weight. It features several enhanced hardware components and firmware upgrades that make it suitable for a variety of use case scenarios, including smart buildings, offices, hospitals and retail. It is designed for indoor use, especially in settings that value a discrete form factor.

  • Design: The Q17 is a compact and lightweight design with an IP rating of IP44 for dust and water resistance, which makes it ideal for indoor applications. Comes complete with an easy-to-use mounting bracket.
  • Coverage and Accuracy: The Q17 excels at accurately positioning Tags in indoor spaces and is a great fit for environments characterised by lower ceiling heights and confined or semi-confined areas.
Quuppa Q35 Locator


The Quuppa Q35 Locator is designed for industrial environments such as factories, logistics, distribution and warehouses. It is suitable for the most complex and demanding industrial and outdoor environments and can be installed at any height.

  • Design: The Q35 Locator features an industrial form factor and is dust and waterproof to IP66. Thanks to its durability and robustness, it is suitable for both industrial and outdoor use. Can be easily mounted with an optional bracket or paired with a rigid conduit, if required.
  • Coverage and Accuracy: he Q35 excels at detecting tags over extended distances and positioning with greater accuracy, making it the ideal choice for industrial and demanding installations and outdoors, e.g. for yard management.
  • Durability: Tested for mechanical resistance, salt-laden environments and UV exposure, making it suitable for challenging conditions.

Choosing the Right Locator

When choosing between Q17 and Q35 Locators, it is essential to carefully assess the specific requirements and characteristics of your deployment environment. When evaluating physical dimensions, factors such as the size of the area, ceiling height and the nature of the space (confined, semi-confined or open) are considered.

Network connectivity options for both Locator models include Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and wireless connectivity with Q-Link. It is worth noting that both models can be used in a single project to achieve optimum coverage across diverse areas.

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