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Everything you need to know about Real-time Locating Systems (RTLS) and Location Technologies.

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MAY 19, 2022

26 Minutes

Dr. Jörg Poswig, Managing Director for Quuppa Premium Partner INDUTRAX, talks with Fabio about the necessity of location technology for the factory of the future and why it is important in a partnership to truly listen.

MAY 02, 2022

22 Minutes

Quuppa partner DIVIS is expert for combining location technology with video tracking in logistics. Justus speaks with Jesse about the importance of this combination for logistics, discusses different use cases, tells about the DIVIS history and how the company was bought for 1 Deutsche Mark & much much more.

APRIL 06, 2022

44 Minutes

In this episode, Richard Larder - Business Improvement Director at Dyer Engineering, talks about the success story Dyer Engineering had in boosting efficiency thanks to Asset Tracking by Quuppa and our Partner ThinkInside.

MAR 22, 2022

29 Minutes

Meet our partner ThinkIn from Italy, they are experts when it comes to location technology solutions in retail. Our partnership started almost ten years ago, when two Italians met in Helsinki... Marta from ThinkIn and Jesse from Quuppa talk about the benefits RTLS bring for retail and why the partnership between ThinkIn and Quuppa is as special as it is.