Quuppa Academy Training

The Quuppa Academy Training is designed to help Sales and Field Engineers learn more about the Quuppa products.

Our eLearning training platform is here to help you get started

The training modules will walk you through the following topics:

  • An overview of the Quuppa system – 40 mins
  • Best practices for planning a Quuppa project using the Quuppa Site Planner – 45 mins
  • How to use the Quuppa System Simulator to optimise your project – 25 mins
  • Best practices for deploying your Quuppa system in the physical environment – 35 mins
Quuppa system infrastructure on a laptop

To access the eLearning platform, please fill in the following form below to request an account.

Please note that Quuppa must approve your account request – authorisation is not immediate (normally 1-2 days). You will receive a confirmation email once your account has been activated.

    If you have any questions regarding Quuppa Academy Training, please contact the Product Support Team at support@quuppa.com.