Quuppa Site Manager

The Quuppa Site Manager (QSM) is a comprehensive and powerful tool for managing and orchestrating RTLS systems at scale from a single dashboard.

With its centralised asset management capabilities, cloud-based connectivity and Mobile Deployment Tool, the Site Manager provides organisations with an efficient and streamlined solution for seamless multi-site management.

The Site Manager is built on a dedicated single-tenant cloud architecture, creating a separate instance and database for each customer.

The Site Manager offers several key advantages

  • Scalability: Quuppa for Enterprise’s cloud-based architecture allows the client system to scale to multiple sites and adapt to the evolving needs of organisations.
  • Reliability: Your system runs on a separate instance that is not affected by traffic from other systems and peak loads, ensuring the stability and reliability of the system.


  • Data Security: Each customer’s data is stored in an independent database, ensuring it remains separate and inaccessible to others outside the organisation.
  • Easy Deployment: The Quuppa Site Manager features the Mobile Deployment Tool, designed to improve and simplify the installation process of the Quuppa System.

Quuppa Site Manager

Quuppa Site Manager (QSM) is a centralised site management system that allows users to manage asset tracking across multiple sites and access all location data from a single dashboard. Site Manager is part of the Quuppa for Enterprise offering, which provides a comprehensive solution for effective system management and next-generation services at scale.

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