We are on a clear mission with our Partners

Our Partners are at the very core of our business. They help us achieve our goal of a location-enabled world where indoor positioning makes our lives and work smarter, safer and smoother.

Together, we can accelerate the adoption of indoor positioning technology and make it a part of everyday life. That is why we are always looking for new Partners to join our Ecosystem and work with us on our mission.

Join Forces with Quuppa

Benefits of Becoming a Quuppa Partner

More Business Opportunities

The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ is known for accuracy, scalability, and reliability. The proven success of our platform has helped our partners provide impactful solutions for the healthcare, manufacturing, sports, retail, and smart building industries.

Globally Expanding Community

Access a global network of more than 200 partners to collaborate and gain leverage for your solutions and services.

We want you to Succeed

Supporting the success of all our partners is at the core of the QuuppaOne Partner Program, whether through collaborating, connecting, or consulting.


QuuppaOne Partner Program Benefits

  • Dedicated engagement and support
  • Partner discounts
  • Free online training and certification
  • Quuppa Partner Event
  • Networking and match making within the Quuppa Partner Ecosytem
  • Leads & Co-marketing: Planning, execution, and financial support
  • Channel to communicate specific feature and development requests
  • Support in finding the best fit tag to each use case

Real Stories. Real Results.

It has been a great partnership. We joined the forces of our complementary skills to take RTLS and indoor location intelligence to the market. The accuracy and maturity of Quuppa technology allowed us to tackle all types of challenges for our customers in supermarkets, manufacturing plants and other verticals.”

Iacopo Carreras
Founder and CIO, Thinkinside

Through Quuppa, we were partnered with Thinkinside. Thinkinside, coupled with Quuppa, has been one of the best experiences we’ve had of putting two technologies together in a true partnership. A Partnership that’s built on trust, ethics and execution.

John Buskermolen
iVirtualize, Quuppa Partner

The Quuppa go-to-market and partner strategy make it very easy for software companies like us to work with them. Quuppa helps us daily to win new customers and promote our joint solution. We continue to be impressed by the accuracy and reliability of Quuppa technology, which regularly exceeds our expectations in the demanding industrial environments of our customers.

Nicolai Karl
Product Manager, Indutrax

Our Recent Partnerships

Affordable, high-precision tracking made possible: Sensolus partners with Quuppa

The partnership between Quuppa and Sensolus to enable full visibility and high-precision inventory management.

The Partnership between Simac, Quuppa and Sensolus Enables Hybrid Indoor and Outdoor Submeter Location Tracking

The collaboration between Simac, Quuppa, and Sensolus facilitates submeter precision asset tracking for hybrid environments, enhancing process automation.

Quuppa and Siemens Xcelerator: Tracking solutions for our global customers

Quuppa and Siemens to deliver RTLS- enabled, process automation capabilities to various industries.