Quuppa and Siemens Xcelerator: Tracking solutions for our global customers

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Achieving more together: Quuppa becomes an official part of the Siemens Xcelerator Ecosystem. Siemens Xcelerator is an open digital business platform to accelerate digital transformation and value creation – easier, faster and at scale. It allows Siemens and its partners in Siemens Xcelerator Marketplace to collaborate on holistic solutions focusing on a customer’s diverse needs. Through this open business platform, Quuppa delivers real-time location systems to customers globally. The common goal: to support customers in their digital transformation.

We are very excited that Siemens has selected Quuppa for Siemens Xcelerator. This is a huge business opportunity for us and we are excited to deliver accurate, scalable and reliable real-time location systems for office environments and healthcare as well as industrial sites. Successful digital transformations require real-time location data“, says Quuppa CEO Sammy Loitto.

Siemens Xcelerator spans a best-in-class digital portfolio and an ever-growing ecosystem of partners to accelerate digital transformation. The underlying and evolving marketplace is therefore a central point to explore, educate, exchange, and transact alongside a community of customers, partners and developers.

The unique marketplace brings together expertise from all major industries and supports enterprises throughout their digital transformation“, adds Loitto. “Real-time locating systems have become indispensable for the development of diverse processes, digitalization and the IoT. The Quuppa system provides real-time information about daily operations, valuable assets and inventories, for example, at complex manufacturing and logistics sites as well as in healthcare“, comments Loitto. “Operational performance, cooperation and the level of automation can be improved. Employees save time, and security can be improved in a variety of indoor environments.

As we further develop our ecosystem to best serve our customers’ needs, we are excited to see Quuppa join our network. Different industries, like smart healthcare and complex and large campuses, need to optimize their processes and efficiency to know precisely where assets are located. This is exactly where the experience and portfolio of Quuppa can help our customers become even more successful in their businesses!” says Siemens Ecosystem and Partner Manager Michael de Straschnov.

For more information about the partnership, please see: www.marketplace.siemens.com

For further information, please contact: 

Sari Arjamo-Tuominen, CMO, Quuppa, sari.arjamo-tuominen@quuppa.com
Michael de Straschnov, Ecosystem and Partner manager, Siemens SI RSS, michael.de_straschnov@siemens.com

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