Quuppa Verified Sensors

In addition to location data, the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ can be used as a data gateway for a wide variety of Bluetooth® enabled sensors and devices.

Whether you are interested in environmental properties such as temperature, humidity, pressure or CO2 levels, detecting open doors and windows, or want to measure the vibration of machinery or the heartbeat of patients, all of this data can be collected using the same infrastructure and exposed through the same Quuppa API that provides you with your Location data.

Quuppa Tested Device

Ultra Deluxe BLE

Ultra Deluxe BLE is an indoor Bluetooth LE beacon based on the nRF52832 chipset, with simultaneous support of iBeacon, Eddystone.

ELA Blue PUCK DI Digital Input Sensor

The Blue PUCK DI with digital input is compatible with binary or on/off (discrete) output sensors.

ELA Blue PUCK MAG Magnetic Sensor

An ultra-compact, autonomous and robust device with Bluetooth® Low Energy technology.

Blue PUCK MOV Movement Sensor

The Blue PUCK MOV motion sensor is waterproof, robust and 100% autonomous.

Blue PUCK PIR Presence Sensor

Robust, compact and durable and suitable for harsh industrial environments.

Blue PUCK RHT Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Equipped with Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, the BLUE PUCK RHT temperature and humidity sensor is compact and robust.

Blue PUCK T EN12830 Temperature Sensor

The BLUE PUCK T EN12830 temperature sensor is waterproof and robust.

E6 Light Beacon

Asset tracking sensor designed for commercial advertising specialised for asset management.

MSV01 Vibration Sensor

The MSV01 vibration sensor combines a compact design with high-precision vibration detection for object monitoring

S4 Door Sensor

The S4 Door Sensor is a door & window sensor equipped with Bluetooth® LE 5.0 technology and a magnetic sensor.


RuuviTag is a wireless Bluetooth® sensor node that measures temperature, air humidity, air pressure and motion.

Get your sensors verified by Quuppa

We are continually testing new sensors, and verified devices have their predefined filters available in Quuppa Site Planner.

Do you have a sensor that you would like to add to the list? Contact us now and let’s get it done!

Q17 and Q35 locators, Quuppa tags

Frequently Asked Questions

No. But it can be.

As long as we can create a filter to capture the Bluetooth® packets transmitted by the device, there is no problem if the device also communicates with other protocols between the Bluetooth® packets.

Yes. Positioning requires the device to send Quuppa Direction Finding Packets as specified in the Quuppa Tag Emulation.

Until further notice, verification is free of charge for device vendors.

Contact the manufacturer of the sensor and ask for the datasheet, which contains the structure of the Bluetooth® packets that the device broadcasts and send it to us for review. You can also ask if the vendor/manufacturer is interested in having their device verified by Quuppa and ask them to contact us to send the necessary samples.

The Gateway feature supports standard Bluetooth® channels. Proprietary channels can be used to send DF packets interleaving the Bluetooth® packets, but this is up to the firmware developer.

Currently there is no possibility to add a sensor as a stationary device.

No, with the Focusing Locator, you can only configure tags that run Quuppa Tag FW/library.

The sensor manufacturer can implement support for using QPE APIs and Back Channel to send commands to the sensor device. Specifications for implementing such support can be found on the Quuppa Customer Portal under the name Quuppa Tag Back Channel using Bluetooth Wireless Technology.

Yes, but only if it is sending Quuppa DF packets.