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Real-time visibility of your manufacturing and logistics through RTLS-enabled indoor positioning & asset tracking gives you greater control to do what you do better, faster and safer.

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Quuppa RTLS Benefits for Manufacturing

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Operational Efficiency

  • Reduced search time by tracking the location of assets, vehicles and employees
  • Automated Inventory Management
  • Optimised factory workflows, i.e. picking processes and routes
  • Optimised staffing levels and work distribution, reduced bottlenecks
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Substantial Cost Savings

  • Reduce equipment and machinery downtime
  • Waste Less, Produce More
  • Cut audit and labour costs through automated processes
  • Save on Maintenance and Insurance costs
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Enhanced Safety

  • Reduced Risk of Accidents and Injuries
  • Faster Response Time to Emergencies

Let’s Explore the Value of Location

Quuppa Explorer Tool will show you the benefits of using indoor positioning. By defining your industry, use cases and the number of tracked assets, you will get an estimate of the potential results that you can expect by taking our location technology into use.

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Real Stories. Real Results.

Transforming Production Efficiency: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Sanpo Plant Embraces Innovative Technology

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Sanpo Plant, a global leader in copper production, boosted efficiency with Quuppa RTLS technology and Kokusai Kogyo Co.’s Patt Plus. Spanning 99,174 square meters and producing 80,000 tonnes annually, the plant improved product tracking, enhancing control and efficiency. (Photos cited from the Mitsubishi Material Corporation website.)

Driving Precision in Global Deliveries: LOXX Lagerlogistik GmbH’s Technological Breakthrough

LOXX Lagerlogistik GmbH prioritises punctual and damage-free deliveries to its global customer base. By deploying a tagless Quuppa-powered solution from DIVIS, LOXX achieves precise location tracking without the hassle of traditional transponders.

Case Study: Kloeckner Metals

Kloeckner Metals achieved 15-20,000 USD more shipments per day as well as better delivery rates and improved operational efficiency through RTLS.

Key Features

  • Sub-meter accuracy in asset and tool tracking; have the right tools at the right place at the right time
  • Real-time Varied Accuracy Levels enable flexible and cost-effective Inventory Management
  • Track any Bluetooth Device, e.g. barcode scanners and mobile phones
  • Open API for easy integration with ERP system
  • Use as an IoT Gateway to transmit sensor data, e.g. condition monitoring.

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The Ultimate RTLS Buyers Guide for Industry 4.0

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  • How to Compare
  • What to Consider

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