Empowering the connected world with reliable location information

Who we are

At Quuppa, we understand the importance of accurate and reliable location information for indoor positioning.
While connectivity is everywhere, we know that making things truly smart requires more.

We take pride in helping our partners and customers succeed by providing accurate, real-time location data for their people, equipment and tools.
This actionable information gives them the power to improve production, provide better experiences, save energy, reduce waste and even save lives.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the market leader in providing accurate, real-time location information for indoor and local areas

There is a growing demand for services that use indoor positioning. It is estimated that the market will reach tens of billions or even trillions of dollars over the next decade. Quuppa will help build this location-based world in a collaborative ecosystem. We provide the best location-based information that our customers combine with their data to create irresistible products and services.

We are uniquely positioned to be the best in the industry at helping our customers achieve their goals, such as increasing profits, improving sustainability and enhancing safety.

Our Values

Passion & Innovation

We encourage curiosity and challenge the status quo. We are ambitious and move heaven and earth to deliver on our promises.


We strive to treat people the way we want to be treated. We embrace diversity of experience, culture and opinions and want to learn from everyone.

Courage & Trust

We are willing to take risks. We build our relationships on transparency, mutual trust and integrity.


We are all in this together. We strive to develop a common purpose and work for common goals. We want to have fun at work and at home.

Our history

Born out of cutting-edge mobile technology

Quuppa was founded in 2012 by the Nokia Research Centre team that invented High Accuracy Indoor Positioning. They conducted extensive research and development and developed the advanced algorithms to create a complete platform – the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System.

The system is the foundation of our service and includes hardware and software from us and our ecosystem partners. We have evolved from technology development to products to complete offerings and serve as a key building block for the new location-based world. Today, Quuppa is based in Espoo, Finland, with offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Sydney and Washington DC.