Improve safety and
secure your assets

Real-Time Locating Systems enable new and better ways to improve safety and security in many industries.

With industry-leading indoor positioning, businesses can protect their employees, safeguard valuable assets, work more efficiently, and improve their services. Get a real-time view of your operations and environments with minimal interference to routine processes.

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Quuppa RTLS Benefits for Safety and Security

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Keep Assets Safe

  • Track valuable assets and prevent theft
  • Improve and automate access control
  • Control machinery and prevent collisions
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Ensure Safer Workplaces

  • Secure routes, environments and sites
  • Reduce accidents and injuries at work
  • Alert people when entering restricted areas or danger zones
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Automate Processes

  • Improve patient safety with automatic alerts
  • Respond faster in emergencies
  • Comply with legal safety requirements

Safety in Industrial Environments

Companies need to meet a growing number of safety requirements in industrial environments. For example, a mining company needs to track all miners underground in real time, or an indoor tracking system can be used to improve workplace safety for professionals working in high-risk environments.

Use cases

  • Danger zone detection
  • Evacuation efficiency
  • Collision avoidance
  • Simultaneous tracking of people and equipment
  • Transmission of sensor data
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Safety in Healthcare

Hospitals and other care facilities can improve the safety of patients and staff. Knowing the exact location of each resident makes it easier to prove that caregivers have provided the required level of care. With effective infection prevention and monitoring, lives can be saved.

Use Cases

  • Patient control
  • Vital sign monitoring
  • Child abduction prevention
  • Infection prevention with better hand hygiene
  • Contact tracing
  • Wandering management
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Safety in Office Environments

Security and safety in offices can be enhanced by controlling access with trackable staff and visitor ID badges or key cards, or in case of emergency, by knowing who is in the building and where they are located.

Use cases

  • Efficient access control
  • Emergency management
  • Secure flow of people

Safety in Sports

Location data can also increase security in sports facilities, e.g. swimming pools or large sports arenas such as horse racing tracks.


Use cases

  • Real-time pool monitoring
  • Drowning prevention
  • Vital signs monitoring, e.g. both horse and rider
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Safety in Retail

RTLS can enhance security by tracking the movements of customers and employees in retail shops. This can help retailers identify and respond to potential security threats in real time.

Use cases

  • Compliance with security protocols
  • Efficient evacuation during emergencies
  • Theft Prevention

Real stories, Real results:

Case study: French Army CENZUB Centre

French Army CENZUB Centre improves multi-unit military cooperation through location technology-powered combat simulation.

Case Study: Dedeman Mining

Over 500 workers and assets tracked in Dedeman mines, safety standards now met up to 400m underground.

Case Study: ILR Industries

ILR Industries reduces spread of COVID infection and increases productivity through RTLS based approach to worker safety.

Our Premium Safety and Security Partners:

Our industry-leading solution partners leverage Quuppa RTLS technology to deliver a wide range of Safety and Security services based on indoor positioning & asset tracking in diverse industries. We help you to transform your processes and services


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