Edge Devices

Quuppa Q-Port 8

Quuppa Q-Port for
Aggregated Cabling

Quuppa Q-Port is a passive, Power over Ethernet (PoE) powered device that acts as a cable concentration unit for the Quuppa Locators. It allows for creating a star topology arrangement for the Locator network, which in turn simplifies infrastructure installation and management, significantly reduces cabling, and lowers deployment costs, especially in larger areas.


Easy Deployment

Quuppa OnLogic Controller

Quuppa Controller

Quuppa Controller is an edge device preconfigured with the Quuppa Positioning Engine (QPE) software and designed to connect to the Quuppa Site Manager (QSM). This enables secure, real-time, full-duplex communication between the Controller and the Site Manager. In addition, the Quuppa Controller also provides a local API for critical real-time applications such as collision prevention.


Easy Deployment

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