Quuppa Site Manager – Streamlining Operations with Centralised Multi-Site Asset Management

Quuppa Site Manager QSM

Knowing where your business-critical assets are is vital, and managing location data across multiple geographic locations can indeed be challenging. Quuppa Site Manager (QSM) is a centralised site management system that allows users to manage asset tracking across multiple sites and access all location data from a single dashboard. Site Manager is part of the Quuppa for Enterprise offering, which provides a comprehensive solution for effective system management and next-generation services at scale.

With a bi-directional, persistent connection to all on-site edge devices, Quuppa Site Manager allows you to monitor the status of all your Quuppa Positioning Engines (*), actively manage configurations, and perform updates to your Quuppa systems remotely.

Simple and Efficient Asset Management

Quuppa Site Manager simplifies the management of your tracking infrastructure. It is designed for organisations that have multiple sites in different locations, or a single large site with multiple buildings and potentially different infrastructures. With Quuppa Site Manager, users can remotely monitor, update and make necessary changes to their sites without being physically present at each facility. This eliminates the hassle of implementing changes on-site or setting up secure remote connections to each site separately, and allows you to easily upgrade and downgrade Quuppa system components. Testing new software versions and pushing them into production becomes a streamlined process that improves overall system management efficiency.

Cloud-Based APIs for Enhanced Connectivity

Quuppa for Enterprise provides a modernised and secure way to connect to Quuppa APIs via Site Manager. Each Quuppa Positioning Engine (QPE) connected to Site Manager can be controlled through its own API endpoint, secured with API tokens generated and managed through the Site Manager user interface. This cloud-based approach ensures secure and reliable connectivity while providing seamless access to Quuppa APIs.

Dedicated Single-Tenant Cloud Architecture

Quuppa Site Manager is built on a dedicated single-tenant cloud architecture, creating a separate instance and database for each customer. This architecture offers several key advantages:

  • Data Security: Each customer’s data is stored in an independent database, ensuring it remains separate and inaccessible to others outside the organisation.
  • Reliability: Your system will run on a separate instance that is not affected by traffic from other systems and peak loads, ensuring the system stability and reliability.
  • Scalability: Quuppa for Enterprise’s cloud-based architecture allows the client system to scale to multiple sites, adapting to the evolving needs of organisations.
Quuppa Single Tenant architecture

Centralised Management and Version Control

A key advantage of Quuppa Site Manager is its ability to provide centralised asset management and version control for multiple sites. Users can easily perform system testing, troubleshoot, collect logs from different systems and configure tags from a single platform. This centralised approach streamlines operations, reduces complexity and enhances overall system control and security.

Mobile Deployment Tool for Simplified Installation

The Quuppa Site Manager introduces a Mobile Deployment tool, which facilitates the installation process of the Quuppa System. The Mobile Deployment tool allows people with little to no previous experience or understanding of the system to carry out the deployment of Locators using only a smartphone. This means that the person mounting the Locators can carry out the deployment process themselves without the need for extensive training or expertise. The Mobile Deployment tool offers also the possibility for several people to deploy separate Locators simultaneously, further increasing the installation efficiency of the installation. In addition, the project file is updated immediately once a Locator is deployed successfully.

Quuppa Site Manager and Quuppa Mobile Deployment tool.
Quuppa Site Manager and Quuppa Mobile Deployment tool

Real-Life Use Cases of Quuppa Site Manager

With the Quuppa Site Manager tool, end customers can efficiently manage multiple sites from a single dashboard, streamlining the process of quickly tracking and locating assets across multiple facilities. In addition, end customers can rest assured that they will benefit from a secure integration with the Quuppa system, ensuring their data privacy and protection.

For system integrators and middleware providers, the Quuppa Site Manager provides centralised asset management between different customers. This enables improved support services, troubleshooting, tag configuration and system testing to meet each customer’s unique use cases.

Quuppa Site Manager is a comprehensive and powerful tool for managing and orchestrating RTLS systems at scale. With its centralised asset management capabilities, cloud-based connectivity and Mobile Deployment Tool, Quuppa Site Manager provides organisations with an efficient and streamlined solution for seamless multi-site management. Whether you’re an end customer looking for enterprise-level asset management and tracking, or a systems integrator requiring centralised control and support, Quuppa Site Manager is a solution that puts efficiency and scalability at your fingertips.

(*) Quuppa Positioning Engine (QPE) is the core software of the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™. It receives data from the Locators, runs it through advanced positioning algorithms and provides a standard JSON / REST – push / pull API that allows seamless integration with other systems. The system provides accurate and reliable positioning in real time, with updates as frequently as 50 times per second.

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