Take your sports experience and performances to
a new level with RTLS

Reliable real-time location data offers enormous new possibilities for various sports.

Sports become even more entertaining for fans. Sports arenas and TV broadcasters get new opportunities to create interactive and unique sporting events. Coaches, teams and athletes get location-based data to improve training and performance.

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Quuppa RTLS Benefits for Sports

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Unique Sports Experiences

  • Engage the audience and fans with interactive visitor applications
  • Provide real-time sports statistics
  • Give guidance or additional content based on visitor location
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Deeper Insights and New Training Tools

  • Better data for coaching purposes
  • New tools for fine-tuning training methods and development
  • Deeper insights on the individual/team performance
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More Digital Services and Better Space Usage

  • Improve venue and spectator safety through overall system integration
  • Enhance arena customer service integrating with mobile apps enabling e.g. food pre-orders and payments
  • Optimise venue space usage with visitor flow data

Diving into the future of swimming with Zonyx, tracking your speed, time and lengths in real time – efficient, safer and enjoyable

Key Features

  • Sub-metre accuracy enables precise tracking and analysis of athletes and equipment
  • Real-time positioning allows for system capacity for numerous fast-moving objects up to 100 times per second
  • Open Tag Design enables customised tags for your use case, e.g. robust tags
  • Open API for easy integration with automatic timekeeping and statistical systems
  • Interference-free due to proprietary radio frequencies
  • Long battery life

Real Stories. Real Results.

Case Study: YMCA

The YMCA has improved customer experience while simultaneously improving safety standards through the tracking of swimmers fitness.

Case Study: Liiga & Veikkaus

Liiga & Veikaus deliver engaging results through RTLS to hockey spectators.

The Convergence Of Technology And… Sports? Getting Fans From The Sofa To The Stadium

Fabio Belloni – Co-founder of Quuppa and a leading authority on advanced location technologies talk about how Technology such as RTLS can help safely bring back fans to the Stadium.

Horse racing

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