Make Offices Smarter & More Productive with Indoor RTLS

Create new ways for people to engage with each other and their office environment, so they can work smarter, smoother and happier.

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Quuppa RTLS Benefits for Smart Office

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Enhanced operations

  •  Reduced search times of colleagues and office equipment
  •  Optimised office resource allocation
  •  Optimised occupancy management
  •  Energy efficiency through integration of building automation systems
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Enhanced User Experience

  •  Find colleagues quickly
  •  Improved visitor navigation
  •  Increased productivity & efficiency
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Greater Control of Safety & Security

  •  Smart access control & visitor management
  •  Reduced risk of accidents and injuries
  •  Automated emergency procedures

Key Features

  • Sub-meter accuracy enables room-level accuracy
    space utilisation
  • Track any Bluetooth Device, e.g. smartphones, laptops with Bluetooth
  • Open Tag Design allows integrating the tag with a trackable ID badge
  • Open API for easy integration with access control systems, employee workflow management systems, and building automation systems.

Ricoh Prism, revolutionising teamwork through office environment automation

Smart Offices in Action

With Empathic Building – the smart solution for happier and more productive employees – Haltian transforms offices into a people-friendly workspaces.

HB Reavis is using Quuppa RTLS technology for its Symbiosy solution, revolutionising the way we work and interact with our environment.


Watch How to Make Buildings Smarter with Location-Based Services.

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