Case Studies

Time and again, Quuppa has proven its versatility and reliability. Read about real-life examples of how our Partners across different industries have solved problems and overcome challenges with Quuppa Intelligent Locationing System.

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Mitsuboshi metal industry truck hero img

Case Study: Mitsuboshi Metal Industry

Mitsuboshi Metal Industry has reduced truck driver waiting time by 1,000 hours per year and enabled better transparency of logistics processes.

K. Hansen Transport AS logistics services

Case Study: Danish logistics company relies on CargoVis with Quuppa Intelligent Locating™ system

K. Hansen Transport streamlines loading processes in logistics site through the implementation of the DIVIS x Quuppa solution.

Case study: AAE

Optimisation of order processing in discrete manufacturing through automatic transparency and movement histories.

Kissel Spedition

Case Study: KISSEL Spedition  

The PKE solutions, powered by the Quuppa indoor tracking system, provides a new dimension to the fast paced-logistics environment.

VEO case study hero img

Case Study: VEO – Technicians’ daily work made easier by modern indoor positioning

VEO transforms its daily operations with Trackinno’s indoor positioning system. Significant time savings and enhanced efficiency empower technicians to work with ease and precision.

Tigros hero img v2

Case Study: Tigros

Tigros achieves maximised operational efficiencies within 18 months of RTLS implementation.

Case Study: PAACK

PAACK boosts productivity in distribution centers through location data-driven decision making.

Ejot case study hero img

Case Study: EJOT

EJOT enjoys operational transparency through the simultaneous tracking of over 8000 orders.

Loxx Logistics shipping truck

Case study: LOXX Lagerlogistik GmbH

LOXX Lagerlogistik GmbH ensures punctual and damage-free delivery to worldwide customer base.

French Army CENZUB Centre case study

Case study: French Army CENZUB Centre

French Army CENZUB Centre improves multi-unit military cooperation through location technology-powered combat simulation.

Sydney Living Museums case study image

Case Study: Sydney Living Museums

Sydney Living Museums unveils immersive, technology-based visiting experience.

Kloeckner metals case study

Case Study: Kloeckner Metals

Kloeckner Metals achieved 15-20,000 USD more shipments per day as well as better delivery rates and improved operational efficiency through RTLS.

Toshin Industry Co warehouse

Case Study: Toshin Industry Co., Ltd.

Toshin Industry Co., Ltd. reduces product search times from 20 minutes to 2 minutes.

surgeon hand hygiene - healthcare

Case Study: University of Fukui Hospital

The University of Fukui hospital improves hand hygiene procedures by 300%.

Machinery at ILR Industries plant

Case Study: ILR Industries

ILR Industries reduces spread of COVID infection and increases productivity through RTLS based approach to worker safety.

Warehouse machinery - Dyer Engineering

Case Study: Dyer Engineering

Dyer Engineering’s location tracking system has cut costs by up to to £10,000 per month through improved workflow procedures.

Sports hero img

Case Study: YMCA

The YMCA has improved customer experience while simultaneously improving safety standards through the tracking of swimmers fitness.

Morita case study hero img

Case Study: Morita

Morita addressed intricate fire truck production challenges by adopting Kokusai Kogyo’s innovative solution. Quuppa technology enabled real-time tracking, revolutionising processes for enhanced efficiency in a complex environment.

Mizkan museum case study hero img

Case Study: Mizkan Museum

Mizkan Museum introduces a seamless, self-guided tour experience.

Airplane engine - ATLA case study

ATLA Soars Above Bottlenecks: RTLS Unlocks Efficiency in Production

ATLA’s path to efficiency: Real-Time tracking breaks bottlenecks. Over 600 assets now trackable in the warehouse.

Case Study: Liiga & Veikkaus

Liiga & Veikaus deliver engaging results through RTLS to hockey spectators.

NGK ceramics warehouse - case study img

Case Study: NGK Ceramics

NGK Ceramics employs digital shadow of the warehouse to streamline production; pallet searching bottlenecks reduced significantly as a result.

Dedeman mining case study

Case Study: Dedeman Mining

Over 500 workers and assets tracked in Dedeman mines, safety standards now met up to 400m underground.