Location Data – How Accurate is Accurate Enough?

The accuracy needed to locate a person or object depends on the specific requirements of the application itself and the business needs it supports.

It’s clear that in some cases, certain applications will require more accurate, lower-latency location capabilities than others. Organizations will determine what their requirements are for real-time location based on the specific applications they are developing, and advancements in precision will continue to open the door to a wealth of new applications.

It’s important to note that while organizations are determining their needs today, they also need to consider future applications, what level of accuracy these applications will require as they emerge, and at what scale. This is a critical aspect for minimizing costs, improving profitability and ensuring a healthy long-term investment.
Utilizing an RTLS that can easily scale and incorporate these new requirements as business needs dictate is paramount. That calls for the implementation of very flexible RTLS technologies where the system can be configured to operate across borders and from low to high accuracy. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including security, safety and reliable workflow management, as well as pushing toward augmented reality or virtual reality applications as those needs emerge.

Determining the precise location of a person or asset, consistently and in real time, is complex. It is often more difficult to track static objects than moving ones. There is no silver bullet that optimally solves all use cases. Organizations must weigh their specific requirements against system costs — considering both initial investments and total cost of ownership — required to achieve the location capabilities they target to deliver a return on investment that satisfies their business goals.

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    Fabio Belloni

    Fabio Belloni

    Fabio Belloni is the Co-founder & Chief Customer Officer at Quuppa. He is also a member of Forbes Technology Council – A Community for World-Class CIOs, CTOs, and Technology Executives. (Read more here)