The Quuppa system takes French Army’s urban combat training into a new era

Computer screen showcasing the CERBERE system technology at Cenzub centre

The French Army uses modern training facilities to provide high-intensity combat training opportunities in complex urban environments for its military units and soldiers.

The urban combat training center CENZUB in Sissonne, northern France, is a unique real-world training environment, built to improve the operational performance of units in the field and in urban terrain. The armed forces can use the new-generation CERBERE training system developed by Thales Group and Ruag Defences France to have exercises of 500 infantrymen and their 80 vehicles on a 120 km² terrain, which is the size of a town of 3,000 inhabitants.

“Modern combat training requires a new level of preparation and closer cooperation as military units are using sophisticated technology and new weapon systems for executing operations. The CERBERE-system simulates, tracks and analyses force engagements in urban or open environments by implementing visual and sound animation devices as well as laser systems installed on weapons, allowing for the reproduction of the combat environment including battle effects like smoke and explosions”

Alexis Richard– Project Manager, Thales Group

The CERBERE-system allows detailed post action analysis, using combat videos, voice and data exchange recordings, and attrition generated by combat fire simulators using information and location systems. Thales has designed 3D Models of the entire combat area, including a village centre, 5-6 floor apartment buildings, industrial buildings, a supermarket, a church and even a hospital. The troops can be located on the map real time.

Soldiers tracked even in the most challenging training environments 

The training center is equipped with 4,000 Quuppa Locators in 300 buildings and more than 5,000 tags will be installed into military vehicles, combat shoes and explosives by the end of 2022. Soldiers are tracked in real time with the accuracy of down to a few centimeters. The Quuppa system is very precise and reliable across diverse buildings with multiple floors and on staircases as well as in tunnels. Vehicles can be located with the Quuppa technology near the buildings and explosions of tagged test hand grenades can be monitored on the map. The effects of the explosions on the troops provide important information. The Quuppa technology is combined with GPS to ensure effective coverage of large outdoor areas.

The French Army commanders monitor and track tactical situations in the operation center and from touch-screen tablets. Even Battalion level maneuvers can be followed live. Instructors are able to supervise the operational capabilities of combat units. “In the digitalized battlefield, the troops can be advised during and after the actions with high-quality analysis review tools and combat training simulations”, comments Richard. “The CERBERE-system provides a new dimension to combat training, as close to real combat conditions as possible.”

“We tested different indoor location technologies in the training center and the Quuppa platform proved to be the best technology for the needed purposes. In urban warfare you need to know which room each soldier is in and as the walls might only be 10 centimetres thick we need very precise, continuous and dynamic positioning as well as excellent scalability in real time.”

Alexis Richard– Project Manager, Thales Group

Soldier using handheld device

“During this truly unique and demanding project we have proved that our indoor location solutions function very well in all kinds of buildings and in the most challenging environments, like for example in narrow tunnels underground, stairwells, industrial buildings and warehouses with steel roofs and walls”

Antti Kainulainen- CTO, Quuppa

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