One Small Step for Quuppa, One Giant Leap for Indoor Positioning

As the Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer at Quuppa, I have the privilege of working with cutting-edge location technology every day. What really excites me, is getting to participate in writing the next chapter of the history of indoor positioning.

I continue to be fascinated by the age-old questions of “where am I?” (location) and “how do I get to where I need to go?” (navigation). Not only are these questions important when sailing, something that I love to do in my spare time with my family, but also because they have led to some phenomenal technological breakthroughs for humankind.

First there were the celestial navigation tools, refined over centuries, that enabled explorers and adventurers to evaluate their location based on the stars and find their way to new and exciting destinations.

Then came another breakthrough, GPS, where the stars in the sky were replaced by a network of satellites. Originally developed for the military, this technology has gone on to disrupt market after market in ways that the original developers would never even have imagined. Believe me, Pokémon GO did not make it onto the original list of possible uses for GPS technology. But even so, it is now one of the ways in which our kids interact with GPS.

By becoming the technology of choice for location-based services, GPS paved the way for indoor location. And this is where Quuppa joins the story.

GPS as we know it is limited to outdoor environments, it is up to other technology solution providers to bring the GPS-style location architecture to the indoors and Quuppa is leading the way. We want to leverage the best of what Bluetooth® Direction Finding has to offer in our positioning solutions, a mobile-centric Angle-of-Departure (AoD) methodology that can recreate many of the advantages of the GPS architecture for the indoor positioning market. It is truly scalable (can be used by an unlimited number of users at the same time), provides data privacy for users, can be applied universally without additional hardware (thanks to the Bluetooth Direction Finding standard already in the device) and is easy to deploy and maintain.

Having worked with location technologies for years, both as a researcher and now in my current role, I see huge potential for AoD to become the next disruptive technology for location-based solutions. One that can take the next step in the story and make indoor positioning just as ubiquitous as GPS has made outdoor positioning. I cannot wait to see all the unexpected use cases that mobile app developers will create, as the Pokémon GOs of indoor positioning, the sky’s the limit for what will be conceived based on this technology.


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    Fabio Belloni

    Fabio Belloni

    Fabio Belloni is the Co-founder & Chief Customer Officer at Quuppa. He is also a member of Forbes Technology Council – A Community for World-Class CIOs, CTOs, and Technology Executives. (Read more here)