Omni-ID Adds 3 Quuppa-Enabled Devices & Launches Middleware Platform

Omni-ID partner tags

Omni-ID, the pioneer of passive industrial radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, trusted by major global organizations for monitoring the location and identity of assets, has extended its Sense range of IoT devices with the launch of three new devices incorporating Quuppa’s highly accurate location technology:

  • The existing Sense Bluetooth low energy (BLE) asset-tracking device now has a Quuppa-enabled version.
  • The Sense Shield device can be configured to sound an alarm whenever a wearer is located 2m or less from another device. Quuppa compatibility makes Sense Shield one of the most accurate devices on the market.
  • A simpler version of the Sense Shield provides the same Quuppa-enabled location accuracy for tracking assets, without the audible alarm.

Omni-ID has also launched its ‘OmniSphere’ middleware IoT platform, which simplifies data collection, storage, visualization and interpretation by delivering Sense device data seamlessly to existing corporate systems, or customer applications. A range of dashboards display sensor data including motion alarms, range measurement, push-button alerts, temperature, GNSS coordinates and devices’ current and previous positions, which can be viewed on a configurable map. Alerts can be generated, such as sending an email when a device enters or leaves a geofence or notifying when a device’s temperature goes above or below a pre-configured threshold. The new middleware platform also enables rapid technology evaluation and proof-of-concept applications involving Omni-ID Sense devices.

The Quuppa-enabled devices are the latest additions to the Sense LoRa product range, which can transmit signals up to 15km in flat, open space, or 3-4km in an urban setting. All Sense devices have a compact battery that lasts up to 5 years in harsh and remote operating environments: reducing the cost and time required to replace devices in the field. When using the GPS and accelerometer features, Sense LoRa devices will give positional accuracy of 3-5m upon movement.

Sense BLE products offer a communication distance of up to 200m and can link to WiFi, LAN or cellular networks, and to a cloud, or locally-hosted client application server.

“The introduction of our BLE and LoRaWAN IoT devices generated huge interest with our customers and partners for cold chain condition monitoring, logistics, distribution and asset management applications,” says Omni-ID CEO, Dr Tony Kington. “The addition of three new Quuppa-compatible devices, supported by the OmniSphere middleware, provides our customers with the ability to rapidly review data from proof-of-concept applications so that they can swiftly test and implement devices wherever precise location tracking is required.”

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