Expert Opinion: Why Can’t the Supply Chain Solve its Oversight Issues?

Cranes and cargo containers on cross docking site

Fabio Belloni, Co-founder of Quuppa, joined MarketScale to give his insights on where in the retail supply chain are the biggest bottlenecks.

The challenges brought about by COVID-19 have revealed weaknesses and deficiencies within our supply chain. More transparency is needed and better communication between channels in the supply chain is necessary to continue to improve these issues. Fabio Belloni, Co-found of Quuppa, joined MarketScale to give his insights on these challenges, as well as explain where in the retail supply chain retailers are finding the biggest bottlenecks.

“Having a technology that could operate across borders and could both provide a seamless interface and tracking of goods whether it’s indoor or outdoor or across different sites, it might be really beneficial.”

Fabio Belloni, Co-founder of Quuppa

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You Can Track Any Part of Your Industrial Processes in Real-time with RTLS


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    Fabio Belloni

    Fabio Belloni

    Fabio Belloni is the Co-founder & Chief Customer Officer at Quuppa. He is also a member of Forbes Technology Council – A Community for World-Class CIOs, CTOs, and Technology Executives. (Read more here)