December 10, 2021

The Revolution of Hybrid Working Spaces with Location Services

About The Episode

We’ve all seen the trend moving towards smarter workplaces, with use cases such as where to find your colleague or where to find spare seating and collaborative areas for your team to discuss and innovate. This has set certain requirements on office environments, eventually driving the need to digitalise these spaces. We’ve also clearly seen the impact of COVID on office spaces, introducing new use cases like social distancing, contact tracing and anything to ensure the well-being of workers and employees while at the office.

Location technology and location data is becoming a clear enabler for allowing these new use cases flourish and satisfy the needs of smarter offices for both today and for the future.

The following session is a recording from Quuppa’s Location Innovation Event, where industry experts share their own thoughts and opinions as they discuss this topic in detail.

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