SATO Corporation

SATO is a global auto-ID solutions provider for leading manufacturing, logistics, retail, food & beverage, health care companies. With a bottom-up understanding of on-site use applications, SATO tags items with identifiers to improve supply chain flows of tomorrow by solving managerial and operational challenges of today. An industry pioneer with 79 years of expertise and a 5,000+ strong global workforce in 26 countries, SATO engineers solutions to streamline operations, boost accuracy, support sustainability initiatives, provide assurance and emotional connections, extending value all the way to the consumer.

As IoT and Big Data adoption grows, more and more goods are connected to the Internet, making our lives more convenient than ever. For such a world to function seamlessly, someone has to do the physical work of tagging information to goods and linking it accurately to systems for use as reliable small data. This is the domain where SATO plays.

Recently, SATO has been focused on its solution business to further integrate the Quuppa indoor positioning system through software development. It has already provided solutions to Japanese customers, and aims to expand its location tracking solutions globally.

SATO business model

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