BLP Clean Energy

Bharat Light & Power Pvt Ltd (BLP Group) is one of the leading renewable energy generation and technology companies in India

We build, own and operate utility scale renewable energy power plants to generate clean energy through wind and solar technologies
We provide distributed solar solutions to large corporates, industries and institutions in India
Through our Orion platform, we provide monitoring, reporting and predictive intelligence solutions across industries all over the globe. Through our control center in Bangalore we leverage big data, the cloud, mobility and advanced analytics to help customer’s build smarter operation

Resource Tracking Product

Bharat Light & Power’s artificial intelligence-based platform, Orion, offers tracking solutions to enable industries to fully monitor their assets and employees anywhere. Where GPS fails, Orion helps in improving the durability, productivity and optimization of assets with accurate and reliable tracking and monitoring both indoors and outdoors.

Implementation of these solutions helps in making the industry highly sustainable, productive and efficient.

We, at BLP, have developed Resource Tracking Solutions for a variety of indoor and outdoor tracking and tracing. Bluetooth-based locators are used to detect the position of the tags fitted to assets within defined ranges. The solutions include
1) Intelligent Positioning System (IPS) based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and the 2) Omni Tracking System (OTS) based on GPS and Video Camera Analytics.

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