Reveal Ltd

Reveal provides essential information to retailers, malls, casinos and museums around the world, which helps them to gain a better understanding of their customer behaviour, staff performance and resources required to gain critical advantage in a competitive marketplace.

Reveal’s client list includes many of the leading casinos in Las Vegas, Macau Singapore and Australia, retail chains in Australia and New Zealand and high profile shopping malls globally. Reveal® is also expanding its operations into public utilities with a number of City Councils using the Aveon® system for accurate and cost-effective pedestrian and people movement analysis.

Founded in 1998, Reveal is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand with offices in the USA and the United Kingdom, and affiliates in Australia, Europe, and Asia.

We have been working with retailers for 20 years to help them avoid the most common contributors to poor outcomes. These are lack of visibility and incomplete information which leads to poor decision making and costly mistakes or even worse – lack of action. We know how to help our customers achieve significant performance and profitability gains, and this relies on having quality information. By implementing Reveal retailers have achieved outstanding results, improving store staff performance, aligning store staff to customer flow and driving up accountability through transparency.

Some of the largest organisations in the world have benefited from using our solutions which are multi-category from fashion chains to telecommunications retailers and major shopping malls. You need the right information to achieve superior business outcomes because the quality of your decisions depends on the quality of information available. Reveal will help you accurately forecast, manage optimal inventory and merchandising, understand customer buying behaviour and drive the customer service and sales performance that your company depends on.

Over this time, we have built a unique body of knowledge in the specific areas of customer engagement and maximising retail performance and found that when we work directly with our clients, the performance increases were significantly greater and more sustainable. The epiphany was when we realised that it was not so much our software driving the improvements but our knowledge imbedded in and applied through the software. This has lead us into retail consulting with our clients on a casual or permanent basis as the in-house advocates for excellent customer service and business improvement.

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