Hangzhou ccRFID Electronics Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2008, ccRFID is a supplier of positioning products and solutions. For more than ten years, it has focused on the security industry, and has built a solution for personnel positioning management in the fields of public security, justice, and supervision, providing customers with competitiveness. Wisdom to supervise products and services, and propose a 4W concept, using unique identification, accurate cross-border, high-precision indoor positioning, outdoor tracking and positioning, active early warning, intelligent linkage, real-time push, big data decision-making and other scientific and practical means to effectively achieve civil air defense , physical defence, technical defence, joint defence “four in one” intelligent, one-stop supervision.
ccRFID has a very high brand influence in the industry and is competitive in the segmented industry with TOP3 strength.
ccRFID also began to integrate industry-related technologies and is committed to exporting ccRFID’s corporate value and spirit to more fields.
At present, the company employs nearly 100 people, has 3 joint R&D centers, 5 production and research universities, 8 government qualifications, 10 industry qualifications, 16 government and industry honours, 5 invention patents, 5 appearance patents, 13 utility models. , 32 software copyrights.
ccRFID and its customers have completed a number of successful regulatory projects across the country to help customers liberate their police. We work together with partners to provide open and stable infrastructure products and platforms for integrated agents, to promote the transformation of industry wisdom and promote the sound development of the industry. SMIC advocates openness, cooperation and mutual benefit, and cooperates with customer partners and friends to innovate and expand industrial value to form a healthy and benign industrial ecosystem. We are targeting RFID/433M/2.4G/125K/13.56M multi-band fusion area positioning, Bluetooth/iBeacon/AOA positioning, UWB positioning, LBS/WIFI assisted positioning, GPS/Beidou/GLONASS multi-constellation fusion positioning, LoRa /NB-iot communication, multi-sensor fusion, video analysis, biometrics and other technical fields, and work with industry partners to promote sustainable development of the industry.


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