NAiSE offers a manufacturer-independent automation solution that enables holistic traffic control and intelligent order assignment, making it easy to achieve your goals and maximize the safety and efficiency of intralogistics. With NAiSE TRAFFIC, you have the flexibility to choose your mobile transport robot suppliers to match your specific needs. Our holistic traffic control system involves all participants, including forklifts, tugger trains, pedestrians, and mobile transport robots, for a more efficient and safer material flow. This approach allows better coordination and communication among all parties. Moreover, NAiSE TRAFFIC’s intelligent order assignment system optimizes the routing and scheduling of mobile transport robots, making more efficient use of existing resources. As a result, idle time is reduced, and the number of robots required to complete tasks is minimized, leading to cost savings and improved efficiency.


By implementing NAiSE TRAFFIC, you can address common challenges such as the need for optimization and automation of intralogistics, real-time visibility into the status of operations, a requirement for a flexible, scalable, and easy-to-integrate solution, and a preference for cost savings and improved efficiency. Our software solution provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to intralogistics automation, helping you achieve your business goals.

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