Netnix is an IT consulting company with 30 years of experience in the market, committed and oriented to fulfill the mission of helping their customer´s business growth. The specialized team provides tech solutions to leading corporations with resources and expertise, handling local and international customers related requests.

Netnix is proud to offer a range of flexible and scalable solutions designed to support the customer´s business and help it grow. In addition to powerful software features and a proven implementation strategy, Netnix’s software support team is relevant in the customer’s decision to invest in technology.

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Netnix was established in 1994 to provide effective and reliable information technology solutions and consulting services for business needs. With decades of experience working in the market, Netnix is well positioned to offer greater operational efficiency and productivity gains for the customers.

A full-time team aligned with the company vision within an ever-changing world, seeks to implement more agile processes and practices for the efficient management of projects and portfolios, to anticipate and adapt as the company expands, helping business grow by applying and managing state-of-art-technology. This allows the customers such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, L’Oréal, Itaú Bank, Claro and Tenaris, to partake in innovative world-class designs and solutions.

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