Enerthing GmbH

Enerthing develops maintenance-free Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags and beacons powered by our proprietary photovoltaic film.
Our innovative photovoltaic technology is optimized for (artificial) indoor light like in industrial productions, retail, office or logistic environments but it also works with sun light.
For enterprises that use beacons, tags or other IoT sensor devices the replacement of batteries leads to significant labor costs, downtime of installations and a negative environmental footprint.
Enerthing has recently presented the world`s first maintenance-free high-performance beacon and tag.

EnerTag for asset tracking:

EnerTag makes asset tracking easy and energy independent thanks to photovoltaics:
• For load carriers, containers, trolleys & valuable assets
• Fully compatible with Quuppa platform
• For industrial productions, hospitals & intralogistics

EnerSense for sensing:

Photovoltaic energy source for continuous measurements with wireless IoT sensors.
EnerSense makes plant operation more efficient thanks to maintenance-free energy supply.
• For sensing of environmental data, process control & condition monitoring of production machines etc.
• Temperature, humidity, light, acceleration, magnetic field and others sensors on request
• For industry & smart building monitoring

Enerthing`s production facility is located in Leverkusen, between Cologne and Düsseldorf well centered in Europe.

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