As a French designer and manufacturer, ELA Innovation has been developing for more than 20 years wireless industrial beacons and sensors, known for their easy and perfect integration for asset tracking and people tracking solutions.

Always challenging for new innovations in the fields of IoT and IIoT, ELA Innovation has developed its range and integrated multiple technologies in its products, such as Bluetooth Low Energy, LoRaWAN, Active RFID and Quuppa. These beacons are completely autonomous and robust, their ultra-low power consumption making them ideal for industrial applications such as automatic inventory, indoor location of people and equipment or anti-theft equipment on logistic platforms.

Its highly qualified R&D team made it possible for ELA Innovation’s beacons to reach long range, from meters to kilometres depending on the technology, and give them long life span batteries, reaching up to 20 years thanks to their intelligent management.

ELA Innovation is a Quuppa partner since 2018 and launched its own range of Quuppa products, including Quuppa-certified and Quuppa Compatible tags.

Among the Quuppa-certified tags, you can find the Blue PUCK ID and the Blue LITE ID, ideal for RTLS solutions for precise people or asset tracking, the Blue PUCK BUZZ, its buzzer makes it possible to locate assets even quicker, or even the AERO Beacon, ideal for high-precision localization of industrial equipment and tools in the aeronautical industry, its unique features meeting the anti-FOD (Foreign Object Damage) standards.

The Blue COIN ID QUUPPA, a Quuppa-compatible tag, enables the high-precision real-time location of small industrial equipment, its led (pick-to-light function) being a real advantage in asset tracking.

Ever since, ELA Innovation’s Quuppa tags have been deployed in numerous projects like the smart tracking IoT solution for Safran Aircraft engines, made by Orange Business Services, to accelerate their digital transformation in 2019, or, more recently, in an RLTS solution for the Museum of Future in Dubai.

ELA Innovation is continuously growing in the IoT Market, becoming a leader in the creation of beacons, surrounded by a strong ecosystem of partners and customers from all around the world.

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