Deutsche Industrie Video System GmbH (DIVIS)

Deutsche Industrie Video System GmbH (DIVIS)  is an owner-managed medium-sized family business with more than 80 employees and over 500 customers in more than 20 European countries. The technology provider based in Bordesholm, Germany develops and implements complex video surveillance solutions for freight forwarders, CEP service providers and logistics service providers from a single source.

The CargoVIS system solution was designed for tracking palletised goods in general cargo logistics. In combination with the tagless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) location from Quuppa, a single consignment can be reliably identified and located. At the same time, the video management system provides all the necessary information on this consignment and the condition of the goods is immediately recognisable in the camera image. The specialty of the BLE indoor positioning technology: the transmitters for position transfer – small chips (tags) that are attached directly to the scanner in conventional solutions – are no longer required. Their task is taken over by the BLE app from DIVIS, which is installed on the scanners.

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Other DIVIS’ products include ParcelVIS for tracking packages on conveyor-controlled sorting systems, developed especially for parcel service providers (CEP), DamageVIS for the simple documentation of damage to consignments and StoreVIS for the visualisation of picking and returns processes.

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