See beyond. Transform your supply chain into a strategic asset.

In supply chains, disruption is the only constant. Leveraging IoT and digital twin technologies, Cloudleaf is helping to enhance the next generation of digital supply chains by providing continuous visibility, including indoor and in-transit, logistics intelligence, and actionable intelligence, that enable better business outcomes in real-time. Cloudleaf’s system and device agnostic Digital Visibility Platform (DVP) is built on ground-truth data that incorporates IoT data, environmental context, and enterprise information that drives inventory, asset, and logistic intelligence. Built for hyper-scale cloud activation, customers can quickly address key business pain points, regardless of which systems they are already running and hardware they have implemented.

Cloudleaf enables manufacturing companies, pharmaceutical companies, logistics service providers, and more to manage, track and monitor critical inventory, condition, and location data in a single aggregated view. Through active loggers, it captures the entire supply chain life cycle (from production/warehouse to transportation to markets/customers), gathering and analyzing data throughout the journey. DVP’s holistic overview connects all relevant stakeholders (quality, logistics, commercial, planning) with their systems of record to build context. Through system and device agnostic integrations and DVP’s powerful “single source-of-truth” dashboards, Cloudleaf helps operations build paperless systems, reduces human error, and automate data collection to drive insights and efficiencies

In 2021, Cloudleaf won a gold Stevie® Award in the 19th Annual American Business Awards®, in the category, “Technical Innovation of the Year – Organizations with Up to 100 Employees”. Recognized for their contributions to digital transformation in the supply chain industry, particularly during the pandemic, Cloudleaf’s Digital Visibility Platform became the chosen tool of leading cold chain logistics providers to deliver COVID-19 vaccines globally.

In 2019, Cloudleaf was recognized by CIO Applications as one of the top 10 indoor positioning solution providers.

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