Agreefy is a leading provider of location-based technologies in the EMEA region, supporting businesses and organizations in leveraging location intelligence to build smarter venues. We offer leading-edge yet practical and turn-key RTLS solutions that take business processes to the next level, including marketing, operations, customer service, sales and asset management, allowing for unprecedented growth and innovation.

Agreefy’s cloud-based software changes the way companies act, enabling faster, more informed and effective decision making. From healthcare, education and public spaces to enterprise, hospitality and malls – our location-aware tools have benefited businesses worldwide, improving customers’ engagement, satisfaction and retention, operational efficiency and overall revenue.

We stand for innovative, accessible and assistive location-based products that support businesses in executing their strategies efficiently in the easiest way possible. Ageefy’s solutions are available to customers through an intuitive web and mobile interface featuring extensive customization. Utilizing a wide range of location-intelligent technologies, including BLE, NB-IoT, RFID, Wi-Fi, UWB, Digital Fingerprinting, we ensure the highest precision and accuracy.

AgreeQ, an online scheduling and queues management software and Agreefy’s flagship product, is recognized by business owners and managers as a key tool to control customer flow within their locations and ensure the highest safety and security standards. Offered in a SaaS model, AgreeQ has become a go-to application for numerous small and medium-sized businesses to ensure social distancing compliance and manage employee performance.

Agreefy provides decision-makers with advanced customer intelligence and behaviour prediction software, allowing for operational productivity improvement and savings. Contact us at to schedule a demo call and discuss how location intelligence could level up your business.


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