PenguinIN Inc.

With the proliferation of mega venues today, determining the indoor position of people and assets is important to extend traceability and navigation use cases. PenguinIN offers indoor navigation and indoor tracking solutions that drive user experience and improve operational efficiency.

PenguinIN services different verticals including healthcare, hospitality, retail back-end and education using:

PenTrack which is a software-based, cloud-hosted indoor tracking solution offering market leading accuracy and performance. We work with off-the-shelf tags and do not require proprietary hardware. Whether it is venue-wide presence or room-level accuracy, our machine learning algorithms ensure that clients get the best accuracy with cost efficiency to satisfy their use cases.

PenNav is a leading turn-by-turn indoor navigation solution delivered through mobile applications and digital kiosks. Our solution is enriched with location-based messages, analytics and business rules. Offered as a managed service, accuracy of our indoor positioning is maintained long after initial system setup.



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