Omni-ID Sense Asset

Omni-ID Sense Asset is a rugged asset tracking tag.
It can be attached to assets using a range of different attachment options, including screws, magnets and cable ties (see different mechanical variants for more details).

Technical Specification

Product number Omni-ID Sense Asset (Quuppa), 3 variants:
CP17994 – Mechanical (Standard)
CP17996 – Cable Tie Attachment
CP17995 – Magnet Attachment
Applications Asset Tracking
Size 95 mm x 34 mm x 21 mm (Standard)
Weight 59 g (Standard)
Battery type and capacity 1200 mAh
(sealed prismatic battery, non-replaceable)
IP rating IP68
Radio certifications CE, FCC
Operating temperature range -20°C – +60°C
Functionality Button, LED (Red), Accelerometer


For ATEX versions: request further information.

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