BlueUp Badge-Holder

Blue Up‘s Badge-Holder allows for personnel identification and tracking. Equipped with a push-button function, employee-safety functionalities are also possible.

Technical Specification

Product number BlueUp Quuppa Badge-Holder (datasheet)
Applications Personnel identification and positioning
Size 95mm x 64mm x 7 mm
Host card: ISO/IEC7810 ID-1 (85,6 x 54 x 0.76 mm)
Weight 24g
Battery type and capacity CP224147 (800 mAh typ. capacity at 25°C, non-replaceable)
IP Protection IP67
Radio certification CE (EU), FCC (US, pending) [2.481 GHz not available for FCC]
Operating temp range -20℃~+60℃
Functionality Push-button and internal accelerometer (for motion, shock and free-fall detection)


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