Black Creek

Black Creek PSD-5B is an Officer tag for on-duty security personnel. It enables workflow optimisation and enhances personnel safety by combining real-time position information with relevant alarm options. The Officer tag supports multiple alarm functionalities, including duress and man-down alarms.

Technical Specification

Product number Model: PSD-5B
Applications People Tracking
Size 91 x 59 x 23 mm (without the belt clip)
Weight 170 g
Battery type and capacity Re-chargeable, Li-Ion, 3-day life with normal use (recharge in less than 6 hours)
IP Protection IP44 – Splash resistant
Radio certification FCC (pending), CE (pending)
Operating temp range -10°C – +60°C
Functionality Two buttons (multi-purpose, Duress), LED (Red, Green), Accelerometer, NFC, Duress alarm, Audible alerts


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