Quuppa Site Planner User Manual

The Quuppa Site Planner (QSP) is a comprehensive software used for planning, deploying and configuring the system. Its intuitive tools and wizards make it easy to estimate Locator coverage and determine the Locator coordinates and orientations.

You can use the QSP to:

  • Plan Quuppa Projects: Create a coordinate-based systems and plan Locator placement for an optimised tracking area.
  • Import Map Backgrounds: Use your own custom map backgrounds and scale them to size.
  • Create Zones: Create custom alerts and tag configurations based on the zonal position of tracked objects within the tracking area.
  • Deploy the Locators: Determine the IDs, position and orientation of the installed Locators (you will also need a Focusing Locator for these steps).
  • Configure Tags: Modify the TX rate and TX power and accelerometer settings, select radio channels, core data being sent to QPE and how often tags listen to the QPE for commands.

In this manual you will find instructions for using the key features of the QSP.

Note: For access to all of the features described in this manual, please make sure that you are using latest software version. You can download the latest version from the Quuppa Customer Portal's Downloads section.