Zumtobel Collaborates with Quuppa on Indoor Location Services

As partners, Zumtobel and Quuppa are driving forward high-precision asset tracking. Integrated into lighting, solutions are easy to implement, reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Accurately locate objects or devices using sensors integrated directly into luminaires – this is the aim of a new partnership between Zumtobel and Quuppa. The Finnish company is a market leader in real-time locating systems (RTLS).

Zumtobel uses Quuppa’s hardware and software and integrates high-precision positioning technology directly into Zumtobel’s lighting infrastructure. This significantly reduces the total costs and complexity of project integration for customers. This saves up to 40 percent of the cost of installing Quuppa technology and its Ethernet infrastructure. Users also benefit from the know-how of Zumtobel’s sales and digital services teams when implementing location-services projects.

Quuppa’s intelligent positioning system uses Bluetooth® Low Energy based Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) technology to track objects and devices in near real-time, with an accuracy of less than one meter. The data is available for a wide range of location-related services and applications via the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ technology platform.
The combined asset tracking solution of both partners is intended to create value in retail, office and industrial applications. The Locator can be used to locate Bluetooth® Low Energy tags attached to shopping carts and baskets or smartphones equipped with a corresponding app. Visitor flows or the length of time spent by customers in different product groups are therefore accurately measured and analysed. The technology also makes it possible to connect directly with customers in the right place at the right time. This gives retailers completely new data to optimise the store and shopping experience.

In industrial environments, for example, Bluetooth® Low Energy tags are used to monitor the flow of goods or locate objects. In addition, storage, picking and production processes can be optimised thanks to the exact analysis of workflows or routes paths. In office buildings, positioning services help improve the user experience, such as optimising access controls, better use of space, easy indoor navigation for visitors, or more efficient and intelligent operation of the building itself.

“The partnership between Zumtobel and Quuppa underlines the strategic importance of the lighting industry in the area of internet of things and asset tracking.”
Thomas Hasselman, Chief Marketing Officer at Quuppa

“We bring clear benefits to our customers by enabling cost-effective equipment or retrofitting of Zumtobel luminaires with state-of-the-art asset tracking technology and the use of the Zumtobel Service network to plan, pick and maintain the combined infrastructure.”
Tomasz Zareba, Director Digital Services at Zumtobel

About Zumtobel

Zumtobel has been developing lighting solutions of the highest quality and tailored to the needs of humans for 70 years. With a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality luminaires, the Austrian lighting specialist provides the right light for every application and at any time of day or night. As an innovation leader, Zumtobel always breaks new ground and is constantly guided by a unique design claim. While the provider of holistic lighting solutions continuously works on the light of tomorrow, it is building on its innovative corporate philosophy in order to continue to improve people’s quality of life through light in the future. Zumtobel is a trademark of Zumtobel Group AG with its registered office in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg (Austria).

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