Real-Time Tracking For Increased Efficiency in Manufacturing

locating trucks and forklifts in a AAE manufacturing plant.

The Finnish company Quuppa offers technology for locating equipment and mobile devices inside buildings in real time. Together with the German software company INDUTRAX, they offer a solution that automatically derives information about business processes and performs this task with near 100 per cent reliability. The manufacturing industry benefits from this solution in production and logistics.

One of the biggest challenges in today’s production facilities lies in the lack of transparency on the shop floor.

“The planning office determines the sequence of operations to build a product. The order is then sent to production on the shop floor, where the product is made. From this point on, it is difficult to track the production processes comprehensively in real-time. Changes in customer orders or machine failures, for example, influence production processes. As a result, processes on the shop floor need to be readjusted with great manual effort.”

Peter Portner, Sales Manager at INDUTRAX

Transparency and Increased Throughput

The solution represents a “digital eye of production”, which automatically provides feedback on the work-in-progress of production processes and production tools. Quuppa‘s radio technology automatically detects where moving objects are. The INDUTRAX software combines this technology into production control systems and generates an up-to-date digital model of the factory in real-time – ideal for tracking orders, load carriers, tools, or other assets.

“Because you can tell the exact status and location of a manufacturing order, our solution creates transparency, avoids errors, minimises excess inventory, and uses historical data to create the basis for data-driven continuous improvement initiatives. That creates financial benefits.”

Peter Portner, Sales Manager at INDUTRAX

Modular, Forward-Looking, Highly Scalable 

Quuppa’s high-precision location tracking system uses signals from small, battery-operated devices via Bluetooth low-energy radio receivers to determine positions several times per second with an accuracy of less than one metre. The INDUTRAX software offers ready-made building blocks, configuration options and no-code programming tools.

“The combination of Quuppa’s high-end technology based on an established radio standard and our modern location-aware software enables our industrial customers to achieve a return of investment faster. After the solution has been put into operation, they can act independently, make production more efficient and react better to market changes.”

Peter Portner, Sales Manager at INDUTRAX

The solution represents a “digital eye of production”. “Our solution creates transparency, avoids errors, and minimises excess inventory. That creates financial benefits.”

Location equipped Indutrax plant
The INDUTRAX solution, powered by Quuppa, enables highly reliable real-time location tracking in manufacturing and logistics.

The interplay between Quuppa and INDUTRAX offers a powerful technology platform for location-based services and applications for indoor tracking in the areas of manufacturing and logistics. It can be put into operation in an agile and easy way.

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This article was first published here Nordische Profis 2022.

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