Progility Technologies And Market Leading Real-Time Location System, Quuppa Announce Partnership

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Bringing the latest in real-time location services (RTLS) and applications for indoor tracking to customers across AU.

The partnership enables Progility Technologies and Quuppa to help customers deliver on their digital transformation, OHS, and loss prevention strategies with a strong focus on efficiency, safety, and accurate tracking.

Progility Technologies, a leading technology solutions integrator in Australia, is proud to announce a partnership with Quuppa. 

“Announcing this partnership with Quuppa is exciting for Progility Technologies and equally so for our Australian customers as we launch Quuppa’s state-of-the-art location-based technology that is truly “real time” with an accuracy we haven’t yet seen in the market. We are delighted by the possibilities of Quuppa and how it will shape industry 4.0, retail, healthcare, sports, and many other industries. Partnerships such as this with Quuppa demonstrate how we are leading the way with a customer centric strategy at the very heart of what we do. We have listened to our customers and spent time understanding the future technology requirements that will enable them to operate and work smarter than ever before. Quuppa’s offerings are market leading and we are proud to now offer them to our customers across Australia.”

Megan Hossack, Chief Operating Officer, Progility Technologies

With customers increasingly looking for thought leadership, guidance and support as they turn to technology to overcome business challenges, pain points and introduce new efficiencies, the Progility Technologies and Quuppa partnership is committed to developing technology solutions that deliver genuine business outcomes, enabling process and workflow optimisation, inventory management and worker safety whilst opening up a world of possibilities across data capture, analytics and business intelligence. 

Quuppa is the world’s leading real-time location system, recognised by Gartner in 2021 and 2022 as “Visionary” for Indoor Location Services. With solutions customisable for every industry and environment, Quuppa’s RTLS technology delivers a range of indoor positioning and asset tracking solutions that can transform business efficiency through the intelligence gained from data. 

“We rely on a strong ecosystem of partners, who incorporate our horizontal RTLS technology platform into their solutions to provide efficiencies, safety and improved business processes across many different verticals. We are extremely excited about strengthening our position in the Australian market with Progility Technologies bringing productivity and worker safety solutions into manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and retail.”

Jukka Sintonen, Head of Sales Quuppa in the ANZ region

About Progility Technologies  

As a leading information communications technology partner in Australia, we understand that having efficient and robust solutions can mean the difference between success and failure, profit and loss and sometimes, life and death. 

We also acknowledge that designing and delivering these systems is only the beginning of the solution.  

Ongoing support is crucial to optimising the performance of your ICT systems.  

We are a proudly Australian organisation, with a history of over 30 years’ of deploying emerging information and communication technologies, having delivered many first of its kind technologies in Australia. Progility Technologies has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth with a national team of approximately 85 staff. 

About Quuppa  

Quuppa delivers state of the art real-time locating technology to locate people & assets and operates in over 55 countries across the world. 

The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ is a powerful technology platform for location-based services and applications. It offers a one-size-fits-all technology solution for tracking tags and devices in real-time with centimetre-level accuracy. The Quuppa System is a reliable, versatile, highly customisable, fully scalable and cost-effective Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) solution for all industries. 

Together we boost efficiency and ensure safety with RTLS across all industries. 

Learn more about this exciting partnership here: Progility Technologies I Quuppa I RTLS & LBS | AU Partnership Announced 

Did you know?

Quuppa is the leading RTLS platform for indoor positioning


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Sari Arjamo-Tuominen
Chief Marketing Officer

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